What is authentic Irish food? Find out on a special St. Patrick's Day special as Eddie Shumard and Erin Fairbanks chat with Margaret Jeffares and Maurice Keller of Good Food Ireland. Good Food Ireland is the only brand standard for food experience in the island of Ireland, putting Irish ingredient led cuisine at every point from farm to table. Founded in 2006 by Margaret Jeffares, Good Food Ireland has pioneered the link between the agri-food and tourism sectors by bridging the gap between Irish food produce, to an authentic Irish cuisine. Today it has some 600 Approved Providers; Ireland's top restaurants and cafes, culinary accommodation, food shops, pubs and bars, cookery schools and food producers. Find out more about the great work Margaret and Maurice are doing to make sure that good food is available for all and marketed properly in Ireland. This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center.


"Corned beef and cabbage are still traditional dishes and we eat them in Ireland but probably with a modern twist." [03:00]

"The brand had to stand for something, and it had to be an honest and trusted brand. All the businesses that are submitted to Good Food Ireland are inspected before hand." [15:00]

"Food is very much at the core of St. Patricks Day celebrations for many many years." [29:00]

Margaret Jeffares of Good Food Ireland on HeritageRadioNetwork.org

"It's more and more difficult to protect the traditional ways and the old values in food production." [07:00]

--Maurice Keller of Good Food Ireland on HeritageRadioNetwork.org