If you've heard about the Great GoogaMooga, surely you know all about the expansive lineup of food vendors they feature - but did you know there's an entire wine program? On this special recording, GoogaMooga and Outside Lands Wine Director Peter Eastlake chats with Sari Kamin about some of the plans for this years GoogaMooga event and how he approaches wine at festivals at large. Find out what will be different from last year, and what festival attendees can expect to enjoy this year! For more information and tickets - visit GoogaMooga.com.

"The primitive connection is our passion points - we love eating, drinking, listening to tunes and hanging out with people. There's a confluence of all of that at GoogaMooga, Outside Lands and Bonnaroo - it's awesome. At the end of the day - you think 'oh man I have wait a whole year for this again!' " [08:00]

"It's fun to show people wine they probably would never try. You really have to have a cross section of wines - what's exciting, interesting, classic, new, real deal [and more]." [11:00]

--Peter Eastlake, wine director at GoogaMooga on HeritageRadioNetwork.org