If the 1990s has taught us anything, we know that Kate Moss, Tom Brady, and Kermit the Frog certainly do! And that over 220 billion liters of fluid white milk was estimated to be consumed worldwide in 2016. Indeed, milk is one of those ubiquitous refrigerator staples available in vast quantities anywhere food is sold. And yet, despite its extreme popularity, author Mark Kurlansky refers to it as “the most argued over food in history”. In his new book, “Milk! A 10,000 Year Food Fracas,” Kurlansky demonstrates how dairy has framed cultural, genetic, medicinal and economic debates that have been raging for centuries - from the merits of breastfeeding to food safety regulations to the environmental impact of industrialized dairy farms. In this episode, Mark joins host Jenna Liut to unpack the human relationship to diary since we first started domesticating animals.


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