David and Melinda Rowley, along with their daughter Sorrel, are the farmers at Monkshood Nursery and Gardens. David attended Hadlow College in England studying commercial horticulture while Melinda attended Cornell University and studied horticulture. Together, they started a potted herb nursery in 2001. Two years later, they leased an 82 acre parcel of land in Stuyvesant, New York and began growing vegetables for farmers markets. Since then, they have erected three greenhouses to expand their
growing season. With the addition of a CSA, the garden keeps on growing. Tune in to hear David discuss the many facets of maintaining a greenhouse. This program has been brought to you by Cain Winery.

"If you choose to spray in the greenhouse, of course you're going to eliminate the pests, but you're also going to eliminate the predators of the pests." --David Rowley on Greenhorn Radio