Courtney Banach has been spending time around Shelburne Farms for almost her whole life. About to enter her junior year of high school, her love of farming began when visiting the Farmyard in Shelburne, Vermont when she was very young and subsequently attending their summer camps. Her first summer camp experience led her to volunteering on the farm, when she became a Steward in Training (SIT for short) for both the animal side and the educational side of the farm. Courtney later became a weekly volunteer helping with chores on Saturdays and school vacations. Her volunteer work led her to joining the Farm's 4-H club which in turn led her to a paid farm job. Working on a farm has become her life; she loves the work and how rewarding it feels, and she plans to pursue an agricultural field in college. Today's show has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

"If farming is something you're interested in, you should definitely explore all of your options...It's all about exploring and finding out what you want, and sticking with it even if it gets rough." -- Courtney Banach on Greenhorn Radio