Sebas­t­ian Aguilar is the Farm Pro­gram Direc­tor and Course Instruc­tor at the Greenbank Farm Training Center. He and his wife have three chil­dren and have been man­aging organic veg­etable farms for the past 14 years in New Mexico, Wiscon­sin, and Wash­ing­ton State. Sebastian's pas­sions for top-quality produce, healthy soils, bio­dy­nam­ics and social out­reach guide his farm­ing prac­tices. Sebas­t­ian has hosted apprentices on his farms since 1999 and always pro­vided them a weekly class explor­ing the con­cepts behind the prac­ti­cal work. He is cur­rently on the Board of Direc­tors of the Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) and is involved in sev­eral OSA vari­ety trials and seed projects. This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

"How can we get organic seeds back to the point where they are a competitor for conventional hybrid seeds?"

"I feel like there has been a lack of communication between farmers... we need to rekindle that and help each other out and not see each other as competition."

-- Sebastian Aguilar on Greenhorn Radio