Buster Creek Farm owns 160 acres but farm about 800 now, 100%
Angus/Hereford beef cattle. They mainly lease and restore busted dairy
farms for hay, clover, etc. and normally run a herd of about 200, soon
to be twice that. Just like Kinderhook and Grazin' Angus, they're in
the fairly rapid expansion mode. Roy Cowherd is from a 1700-acre beef cattle empire in the Bluegrass of Kentucky,
all Angus and Hereford, same as at Buster Creek Farm. In between that life and this
one, Roy did the Manhattan finance thing for 17 years. Berkeley,
Columbia MBA, still a CPA (no stereotypes please!), etc., but his main
thing is this life now. He's also become quite the farm tax expert in
the tri-county area. Fundamentally, Roy's goals are a combination of efficient farming, a certain lifestyle, and
brutal realism mixed in with excellent nature. This program has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"If you can marry your situation to someone who can take advantage of the tax benefits- that's very important." [5:33]

"If the land is used for farming, property taxes are one quarter of what they normally are." [6:23]

-- Roy Cowherd on Greenhorn Radio