Chaya Lipkind holds a B.S. in Liberal Arts from The New School and a Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture from the University of Vermont. A Brooklyn native, Chaya spent 7 years working in a financial company before transitioning into sustainable agriculture. In 2012, she founded Dreamland Harvest, a diversified organic vegetable farm located in Monticello, NY that sells fresh produce to local and New York City residents. Currently the principal farmer at Dreamland Harvest, Chaya is collaborating with friends to secure a larger tract of land in the upstate New York area that will become the new home for an expanded Dreamland Harvest farming operation within a larger healing arts and music community. In her free time, Chaya enjoys creative DIY projects, spending time with friends and family, yoga, snowboarding, and, of course, sharing fresh, hearty food with great company. This episode has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures.

"I'm trying to find out ways to better transport food into the city because I do see this urban-rural need it to survive." [10:30] -- Chaya Lipkind on Greenhorn Radio