Scott Chichester, Production Manager at Nash's Organic Produce, was raised in Sequim. He liked to garden and was curious about where food comes from, so it was natural for him to find a job at Sunny Farms after he graduated from high school. He worked there for three years, acquiring skills in retail sales, produce displays, and customer service. Organic agriculture was what really intrigued Scott, and he also realized that he wanted to find work that would allow him to be outdoors most of the time, so in 1996 he started working at Nash's. Scott had an Associate of Applied Science degree from Peninsula College but still wanted to complete a bachelor's degree. He took the 1997-98 academic year to go to Olympia and study at The Evergreen State College where he received a Bachelors of Science degree. At Evergreen, students create their own programs, and Scott took the opportunity to study fungal biology and taxonomy and soil microbial ecology—how microbes and other life forms interact in soil environments. Another of Scott's goals is learning how to produce seed, not just for the farm's use but to protect genetic diversity for organic agriculture in general. He says, "Farming can be hugely stressful, but amazingly rewarding. It's incredible to do such important work outdoors in this beautiful place.