The farm is the oldest organic farm in the state of Missouri, and possibly even west of the Mississippi. Settled in 1883, the 3rd generation is now 89 years old, with no one to carry on the farm. Surrounded by a low-income neighborhood, this 14 acre farm has resisted the surrounding development and an experienced tenant farmer on the land says that it\'s the best soil he\'s ever seen.
This week's guest on Greenhorn Radio is Molly Rockamann of EarthDance Farms. EarthDance takes a unique approach to small-scale farming in that it fuses the celebration of art and music with organic farming education on the land. The five year plan includes an artist-in-residence program as well as a musician-in-residence program on the property. This season arts and music will be grown on the farm via an Open Space - Open Studio program, inviting local artists and musicians of all types to come on the farm to create together.