Tomm Becker started farming due to his desire for adventure and loved it from the moment he began. While he studied to earn a degree in English Literature from Michigan State University, he worked at the MSU Student Organic Farm and at Owosso Organics, Pooh Stevenson's farm in Owosso, MI. After graduation, he began working as the Production Manager at the Student Organic Farm. It was through growing in all seasons for that CSA, training and guiding the student farmers, and teaching three cohorts of students in the Organic Farming Certificate Program, that he gained the skills and confidence he felt he needed to endure as a farmer. Tomm started Sunseed Farm with his partner, Trilby, in the Fall of 2009 and started their CSA in May of 2010. They came by their land through our friends and CSA members who own it and live in the barn up the road. They are in the process of working with Ann Arbor Greenbelt to place a conservation easement on the property which would preserve it as farmland forever. They see this as an important step in conserving farmland near Ann Arbor, and it will be instrumental in enabling them to purchase the land.