Vinnie has been farming in the Washington, DC beltway, in Prince George's County, for five years. He started designing and building school gardens for a number of elementary and middle schools, and co-wrote Growing Healthy Habits, a gardening and nutrition curriculum that is aligned with the Maryland State Standards for elementary education. He has been involved in designing and building a number of educational farm projects and organizations, such as the Master Peace Community Farm in 2007, a 1/2 acre farm with community plots and entrepreneurial vegetable production where hundreds of middle school students use the farm to learn nutrition, science, math, and writing.
Vinnie's most recent project, Seed and Cycle, is an effort to push urban agriculture and composting further along to areas explored only by the most innovative or adventurous urban agriculturalists. He wants to help urban farmers to get more yield out of their land using low-cost hoop houses and is building a business assisting other farmers in quickly and cheaply constructing them on their farm.