An Idaho farm girl, Marci found her roots after meeting her partner Greg and traveling the world together. After graduating from the University of Idaho with a degree in Conservation Social Science and a certificate on Sustainable Small Acreage Farming and Ranching, as well as several apprenticeships each, they decided to venture out on their own and launched Deep Roots Farm & Design. Selling vegetables at the Tuesday Grower's Market in Moscow, ID and directly to restaurants in the area has created a solid foundation for the future. Marci's favorite part of farming is the satisfaction that comes from pulling weeds and thinning rows of young carrots. She also loves educating others and planning new garden designs for clients. As co-chicken wrangler, she hopes to see volunteers coming to the farm over the season to share creative ideas for innovation and help move chicken pens. This episode is sponsored by Hearst Ranch.


"[Farmers] want to stop exporting all their goods to China . . .it's exciting with all these large farmers looking more locally"

--Marci Miller on Greenhorn Radio