Andy doesn't think he's a farmer in the sense that most people would recognize, but he cares about compost as much as most people care about their pets. He has been working the earth in the low country from Savannah,GA to Cumberland Island for about 5 years. He did not receive a formal education in agriculture, but grew up in the middle of rural Indiana surrounded by massive fields of corn and soybeans and studied tourism development in college. These days he spends most of his time working in urban garden plots, his back yard, local schools, and restaurants. Andy hopes to start his own business in Savannah in the near future that will allow him to provide healthy food to the local market as well as provide a substantial income. He digs what the Greenhorns are doing across the country and is proud to be a young farmer. This episode is sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.


"There's definitely a huge demand for small farmers, and young farmers, in Savannah . . . Georgia's ripe and ready, the people are here and ready to do the work"

--Andy Schwartz on Greenhorn Radio