Peteh Muhammad Haroon, affectionally known as Brotha' P, is an inspirational Spoken Word Performance and recording artist and native of New Orleans, LA. Brotha' P has been performing his unique style of poetry since 1995 as a member of Nommo Literary Society. After leaving Louisiana in 2005, Brotha' P moved to Jonesboro, Arkansas, where he was reconnected to the world of agriculture--a world he was introduced to as a child. As a student of Arkansas State University, Brotha' P, along with others who were interested in growing their own food, established a Student Garden Organization. The intentions of the organization were for the garden to grow into a place where students without an agricultural background could have a place to experience a hands-on food growing course and learn to start and maintain a home garden. After being elected and serving as the first President of the organization for a year, Brotha' P decided to return to New Orleans to pursue his burning passion to establish gardens throughout local neighborhoods. Spending countless hours under the sun volunteering at the Village Ova da River and the Teche Street Garden, he was offered the opportunity to serve as a landscaper with Common Ground Health Care Clinic. Currently, Brotha' P is working with New Orleans Food and Farm Network and others local organizations such as the Backyard Gardener's Network to create sustainable green spaces throughout the city of New Orleans. For more information, Brotha' P can be reached by email at [email protected] This episode is sponsored The Hearst Ranch.



"I'm looking forward to getting back into [New Orleans] and helping them, I grew up with those people . . .it is my full intent to help any backyard garden in the lower 9th Ward."

--Brotha' P on Greenhorn Radio