CJ Sentell is a farmer at Ecotone, just outside Nashville, Tennessee. At Ecotone farm, they raise pastured eggs and poultry, heritage hogs, and grass-fed beef and lamb, all in an Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) manner. In addition to farming, C.J. is a doctoral student in the philosophy department at Vanderbilt University, where he is completing a dissertation entitled Freedom and Food, Slavery and Agriculture. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (SSAWG). This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.


“There are more slaves alive today than there ever have been in human history. There are still agricultural slaves, for example, in Florida.”

“For a vibrant agrarianism to come back in this country, we have to deal with this issue of [servitude and] slavery.”

–CJ Sentell on Greenhorn Radio