This week on Greenhorn Radio, Severine talks with Dan McManus of Common Hands Farm in Hudson, NY. Dan has lived much of his life around biodynamic communities, both from his early years in South Australia, and moving to New York working and apprenticing on numerous farms. Dan began to realize for himself, after desiring a more direct connection to what nourishes himself and others, that there is no art more beautiful or important right now than growing food and designing effective and low impact systems of living from and supplying healthy, organic vegetables. Dan studied regenerative community design at Goddard College in Vermont, has managed a community garden project in low-income areas of Detroit, and has focused his masonry skills by working on transformational social sculpture with mentor and teacher Johannes Matthiessen throughout the world. He has
also studied tracking and primitive skills in Vermont and holds a
certificate in Permaculture Design. Through his studies and interests in
associative economics, social-threefolding and peer-lead learning models, Dan seeks to continue learning through farming and working with
others. This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.

"The work that people are doing with food culture- and just documenting what is going on is amazing. And these resources are what have really kept us going...the amount of stuff going on in the community is what really makes it possible to be a starting farmer today." -- Dan McManus on Greenhorn Radio