A Denton native who has been inspired by her family heritage in farming since early childhood, Amanda Austin earned her degree in Visual Arts from UNT. Between college semesters, Amanda completed a season as a farm educator at Hidden Villa, an organic farm and education center in Bay Area, CA. During her final semester, she worked as a farm hand at Cardo's Sprout Farm, on the land where CFP was founded. In 2010, Amanda lived and worked as an apprentice on Common Ground Farm in Beacon, NY. She then moved home to establish Cardo's Farm Project. Her work at CFP includes tending the fields, maintaining the farm business, and developing farm programming. Amanda believes in the significance of farming in our lives and works to use the farm to provide opportunities to learn about positive change. This program has been brought to you by Regional Access.


"I think in our area of Denton, TX, the small farm and local food movement is behind, and so is the local government on regulating these institutions." [16:15]

-- Amanda Austin on Greenhorns Radio