Owen Hablutzel is a consultant, educator, and group-facilitator performing international work with a range of clientele to radically amplify practical whole systems design, thinking, and management for increasing land health, at multiple scales. Living, working, and learning across multi-cultural contexts (North Africa, Australia, Mexico, Middle-East, Canada, Zimbabwe, and most of the western United States), Owen brings a diverse constellation of experiences and training to his work with broad-acre and regional systems. This work integrates bio-physical applications (Keyline, Permaculture, and Holistic Management) with Social technologies (participatory process facilitation), and with a wider spectrum of practical, flexible, leading-edge solutions (social-ecological systems science) beyond sustainability. Whether with farms, ranches, classrooms, non-profits, NGOs, government agencies/ministries, or other land-managing/policy groups, the core work remains empowering people and communities to enact transformations toward robust land health, adaptive capacity, and resilience through stewardship. Owen is a Certified Educator with Holistic Management International, holds a Masters in Eastern Philosophy (the original systems thinking & ‘science of the whole’) from St. John’s College in New Mexico, and serves passionately as a director of the Permaculture Research Institute, USA. This program has been sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.


“You don’t really understand a system until you understand what’s going on at at least 3 different scales and how those things are interacting.” [20:00]

Owen Hablutzel on Greenhorns Radio