Bob McFarland, is serving his 3rd term as President of the California State Grange. Formed in 1867, the Grange is the oldest agricultural organization in the nation, with 10,000 members serving 215 communities in California. Since taking office in 2009, Bob has shepherded a return to the Grange's agrarian roots, spurring unprecedented membership growth and an increased awareness of the Grange as a driving force supporting California farmers and consumers, and championing such causes as sustainable agriculture, GMO labeling and awareness, legalization of industrial hemp, agritoruism, anti-fracking and farmers rights. This program has been sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.


"It's all about making healthier communities where our granges are located." [8:45]

Industrial hemp is a sturdy useful plant, and it's very easy to grow." [9:30]

--Bob McFarland on Greenhorns Radio