Ty was born in Taos, New Mexico, graduated high school from Goldthwaite High School, and College from Texas State University- San Marcos. After finishing graduate school at The University of Montana in 2008, Ty made the decision to move back to his Mom and Step Father’s ranch in Comanche, TX. Ty turned what was a operation that sold their stock at the auction into a retail operation called Windy Hill Farm. Ty began by changing the land to include an acre garden and orchard, a flock of pastured chickens, grass fed and finished beef operation, and all natural goat. The drought led Windy Hill Farm to butcher a large % of their stock and in turn pushed us into a surplus of goat meat. A bad turned into a good and Windy Hill Farm began sourcing goat from partner ranches to meet the demand. Windy Hill Farm now sources 75% of goat, eggs, and beef from partner ranches. For 2014, Windy Hill Farm is looking at approximately 700 goats processed for direct sales to customers, restaurants, wholesalers, and delivery services. This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.