This week's featured farmer on Greenhorns Radio is Rachel Britten. Rachel Britten was born to a farming family in the heart of Iowa. She made her way West to Washington where she farmed in the beautiful Port Townsend area and later completed her undergraduate degree in Agroecology at The Evergreen State College. Rachel now works for Ecology Action, a non-profit start 42 years ago by John Jeavons. She co-manages one of three research and education sites in Mendocino County, California. There, she trains interns from all over the world in the Grow Biointensive method--a set of principles developed to grow all of one's caloric needs for a year on the least square footage possible while still improving the soil. Rachel's other passions include biological nitrogen fixation and it's role in agro-ecosystems, plant genetics (which she indulges with multiple breeding projects on the farm), and good old fashion cooking and hospitality-- come on over! This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"We emphasize the use of crops that are very good at taking carbon out of the atmosphere." [08:00]

--Rachel Britten on Greenhorns Radio