This week's featured farmer is Cebastien Rose. Cebastien Rose is the Collective Coordinator and Seed Project Manager of Owl Peak Farm Collective. Owl Peak Farm Collective is an agro-ecology farm providing affordable food, regionally adapted non-GE seed and starts, compost and sustainability education to our local community. We farm in a high desert salty floodplain in the company of beavers, grasshoppers, drought and epic floods. We are an incubator farm (first incubating ourselves), working to model sustainable agriculture enterprises to help revive farming and support self-sufficiency in our community. We are a non-profit organization. This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA

"To be denied the right to name your chili, its like being denied the right to use your own name." [16:15]

"Three corporations control 50 percent of the worlds seed market." [20:00]

--Cebastien Rose on Greenhorns Radio