This week's featured farmer on Greenhorns Radio is Tim van Berkel. Tim is from Dutch origin and came to the UK to study in 2008. The beauty, remoteness, people, clean ocean and waves made him decide to stay and adapt to the Cornish way of life.
Seaweed was not Tim's first love, but starting the Cornish Seaweed Company followed naturally from his original interests.
Tim is a conservation biologist from origin, and is involved as Scientific Director in the conservation of the rainforests in Indonesia through a charity called Frontline Conservation.
Before embarking on the seaweed and rainforest journeys however, he gained ecological and scientific knowledge during a BSc in Environmental Sciences with Utrecht University and an MSc in Conservation & Biodiversity at the University of Exeter. His research interests in tropical ecology and conservation led him to conduct research and expeditions around the world including Indonesia, Cameroon, Uganda, Honduras, Peru and Bolivia.
When not at work he can still be found near the ocean, surfing along the beautiful Cornish coastline.This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.