This week's featured farmer on Greenhorns Radio is Darby Weaver. After receiving her degree in Sustainable Agriculture from Sterling College in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Darby packed up her Northern roots and transplanted herself deep into the Southeastern red clay of the state of Georgia. Being young landless farmers, Darby and her husband, Elliot, were forced to land hop from property to property for years, managing farms and starting small businesses in an attempt to save up enough money to purchase a farm of their own. All of this running around from Piedmont to the Coast and finally to the Mountains built character and gave them experience in a lot of different growing conditions. This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"Biodynamics is seeing your farm as an entity where every living organism is an entity nesting in other living organisms. Everything is connected." [10:00]

"In farming there's no such thing as failing, there's only moving forward. you can make mistakes and the land is forgiving. [12:00]

--Darby Weaver on Greenhorns Radio