It's the Greenpoint beer show! Tune in to a brand new episode of Beer Sessions Radioas Jimmy Carbone and fall co-host Stephen Valand of Brooklyn Brew Shop are joined by a room full of people making their mark on Greenpoint, Brooklyn. hear Chris Prout and Erik Olsen of Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co./Dirck the Norseman and Patrick Allen of Keg & Lantern as they talk about brewing trends, neighborhood growth and cultural traditions. This program was brought to you by Union Beer Distributors.


"Home brewers are the most creative brewers around. As a home brewer, you have the opportunity to experiment with a whole bunch of different ingredients." [21:00] --Chris Prout on Beer Sessions Radio

"Maybe in 50 years people will look back on the 2010's as the time people were making really tropical IPA's and they will find historical recipes with citrusy hops." [26:00] --Stephan Valand on Beer Sessions Radio