This week on Growing Good, Alessandra Iavarone interviews Africa Engo. Africa made a film about her 100-pound weight loss in one year in order to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS. MTV, along with the Kaiser Family Foundation, has ranked Africa as one of the Top 40 Youth AIDS activists in the world. Tune in to hear Alessandra and Africa discuss weight loss via raw food, the childhood obesity epidemic, and parents' roles in healthy lives for their children. Listen in as Alessandra and Africa create a raw and vegan dirty cauliflower "rice" on air! And check out Africa's movie, I Love Africa. This program was sponsored by Cain Winery.


"Kids don't even remember the fruit anymore. We don't even see the fruit anymore! How about we just get a juicer and some apples and have kids chop them up and throw them in the juicer and make it a fun game?" -- Africa Engo on Growing Good