Eliza Starbuck, freelance designer and mother, joins our hostess Alessandra Iavarone on this week's episode of Growing Good. Today, Alessandra and Eliza are talking about balancing motherhood with a professional career. Tune in to hear about Eliza's dedication to sustainable fashion design, how she had to leave her own company in order to take care of her daughter, and some helpful tips for designing clothes for children. How does Eliza manage to spend time with her daughter amongst all of her work? Tune in to hear about the life of a freelance design mom! This program has been brought to you by Whole Foods.


"In fashion, there's no real sustainability...To me, it was important to source fabrics on the local market."

"Another miracle about having kids is that you go through so many phases that you can mark with the growth of your child and the way they change, and the way that you respond to the phases of theirs."

-- Eliza Starbuck on Growing Good