This week's episode of Growing Good features herbalist, author and director of the Wise Woman Center, Susun Weed. Susun shares some herbal remedies and infusions that can be made using local and forage-able herbs. Find out how Susun's advice can help expecting moms and why herbal supplements on a daily basis can only improve your health. From vinegars to teas, learn all about the many concoctions that Susun has promoted throughout her career. Whether you're a life long herbal enthusiast or brand new to the concept, there's something to be learned this week on Growing Good. This program was sponsored by

"Any herb that doesn't smell can be infused."

"Linden blossom is the world's leading cold and flu preventative- and if you get a cold or the flu, linden blossom is the leading cold and flu cure."

-- Susun Weed on Growing Good