On this week's episode of Growing Good, host Alessandra Maria Iavarone is digging into her new neighborhood businesses in the Catskills. Alessandra is talking with Christina Kenney-Fisher, the co-owner and founder of Echo Letterpress, an antique print shop that she started with her husband, Robert. Tune in to hear about the old-fashioned presses and natural papers that Echo Letterpress uses to create unique invitations, greeting cards, and stationery. Learn about Christina and Robert's past as graphic designers in the Lower East Side, and why they decided to start their business in the Catskills. Also, hear about how Christina became a mother in the midst of opening the store! This episode has been sponsored by Roberta's.

"We were designers first and printers second. It's very important for what we do, because there are a lot of printers, but that doesn't mean that you are a designer."

"We use our yard a lot as inspiration. We just finished an invitation where we used hydrangea clippings from our yard."

-- Christina Kenney-Fisher on Growing Good