"Harvest" is an epic poem, twenty pages in length and varied in form. It is a personal journey towards clarity and understanding, one that took three years to live and over a semester to write, and that began with a hand in the soil on a farm in Berkeley, CA. It is a collective, allegorical journey through issues of food justice, urban farming and industrial agriculture. And it is a call to action: to stand up for those marginalized by the absurdities and injustices of the food system; to defend the health of our land, our soil and our souls; and, to deepen our connections to the source of our food and our sustenance, with the goal of spreading light and repairing the food system and the world. This recording offers a ten-minute excerpt of "Harvest," one third of the full poem.

Eric Himmelfarb is a poet and farmer living in Brooklyn, NY. He works in Development at City Harvest and just recently graduated with an M.A. from the NYU Food Studies program. Through poetry and food and their many intersections, he looks to lift up the sparks in all things and all moments.