Why do some gardens make us feel so wonderful, relaxed and refreshed? Using ideas based on ancient and modern practices, today's guest on We Dig Plants, landscape designer Jan Johnsen, explains how you can uplift yourself and others in a serene setting designed for “unplugging” and relaxing. Whether you are intending to create a lovely garden or just thinking about a future outdoor haven, her new book "Heaven is a Garden" helps you see your backyard in a whole new light and reawaken an awareness of the wonders of nature. Drawing on her 40 years in the profession, she relays what it was like as a woman coming up in the business throughout the years and also shares why a gate facing East is considered auspicious and suggests which trees you can use to impart a special atmosphere. Tune in for a great show!

"Finally, I believe that people are starting to say, the design of our outdoor space is just as important if not more important as our indoor space." [40:25]

--Jan Johnsen on We Dig Plants