This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy speaks with Lars Marius Garshol all the way from Norway. He is credited with discovering and cataloguing kveik yeast and is the author of Historical Brewing Techniques: The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing. John LaPolla of Bitter & Esters and Pete Legyel-Fushimi of KCBC join the conversation as well. Lars provides the history of how kveik yeast has been passed down by home brewers in Norway for centuries, while Pete shares how he is using the yeast at KCBC today in everything from fruited sours, to IPAs, and even stouts. Learn about how kveik yeast can shave time off of a strict brewing schedule, the extensive research Lars did to understand traditional brewing techniques, and the reason why people scream when they pitch yeast.

Beer List

Framgarden, Bygland For The Love of Kveik Series No. 10

Industrial Arts Brewing, Spring Landscape

KCBC, Robot Fish Simcoe

Santa Clara Brewing Company, Electric tower IPA

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