It’s hard to think about beer these days without thinking about hops. That's why Jimmy Carbone is dedicating an entire episode of Beer Sessions Radio to hops! He's joined by Laura Ten Eyck & Deitrich Gehring of Indian Ladder Farms/Helderberg Hop Farm, co-authors The Hop Grower's Handbook, Stuart Morris of Indian Ladder Farms, Joel Ford, assistant brewer at Threes Brewing & Stephen Valand of Brooklyn Brew Shop.


"There's a difference between vines and bines. Grapes are considered vines and they have tendrils and that's how they pull themselves up. Hops are bines, they don't have tendrils they have tri-combs and that's how they pull themselves up." [10:00] --Deitrich Gehring on Beer Sessions Radio

"Hops have great antibacterial properties and they're good for treating infections. When you make beer with hops, the hops act as a preservative. This made beer last long and expanded the trade of beer." [40:00] -- Laura Ten Eyck on Beer Sessions Radio