This week, Sother is joined by Charlie Marshall, the Design Director and a principal of Parc Office. With a background in industrial design, retail and hospitality design, and interactive experiences, Marshall works to find innovative ways of integrating digital interactivity in physical spaces. Prior to Parc Office, Marshall ran the Lab at Rockwell Group, designing experiences and innovation labs for Coca Cola and Google, and designing bars and restaurants for Le Meridian, W Hotels, Darden Group, Royal Caribbean and the Cosmopolitan hotel.

Marshall’s hospitality experience comes from growing up in the trade, his family being owners of a vineyard in the UK (?!) and partners in award winning British brewery Bath Ales. Starting working in kitchens and bars and the brewery from the age of 12, Marshall is an “enthusiast” who is also the emergency last resort line cook or barman for a variety of restaurant kitchens and bars throughout New York.


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