On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Hot Bread Kitchen founderJessamyn Waldman’s work used to focus on human rights, immigration advocacy, and education, and once she started baking, those principles still held true. From being the first female baker at Daniel restaurant, to baking out of a small walkup apartment in Brooklny to one of NYC’s oldest indoor markets in Harlem, Jessamyn has built a community of strong entrepreneurial women through bread.Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook celebrates their past, from Jessamyn’s grandmother shaping Shabbat challahs at Perlmutter’s bakery in Toronto, HBK’s first traditional tortillas made with love from Puebla (Mexico), an introduction to Moroccan m’smen which is now a top seller at citywide Greenmarkets, and many the success stories from HBK Incubates, an initiative which has supported the growth of over 120 businesses, and created nearly 200 new jobs. Come break bread with us.