Congratulations to Nicole Taylor on the 100th episode of Hot Grease! This week, Nicole talks with Nina Fallenbaum of Hyphen Magazine and Ajamu Brown of Green Bed Stuy. Tune in to hear discussions about the annual Just Food conference, the Farm Bill and other food headlines from the past week. Also, Nicole talks about food justice and the end of Black History Month, as well as Asian-American food media. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"We need to respect handmade skills. I'm glad we're finally focusing on that."

"Running food businesses has been a tool for survival for many Asian Americans for such a long time."

--Nina Fallenbaum on Hot Grease

"The Farm Bill is something that's not spoken about enough. It dictates what we eat how we eat it and when we eat it."

--Ajamu Brown on Hot Grease