On this episode of Hot Grease, Nicole Taylor is talking all about lard. When you were growing up, do you remember your family collecting bacon fat drippings in a jar? Nicole talks with Hank Will of Grit Magazine about the advantages of eating food that is cooked in lard. Also, Alana Chernila of The Homemade Pantry chats with Nicole about making foods at home, including tortillas and yogurt. Hear about the benefits of keeping your freezer organized! This program has been brought to you by Edwards.


"Leaf lard is a very dense, very pure deposit of fat that typically accumulates in the kidney area...when you render it, it comes out very pure and without flavor." --Hank Will on Hot Grease

"In terms of cost, there are a lot of foods that save so much money [when you make them at home] because when we're buying food at the store, we're paying for packaging, we're paying for transport." --Alana Chernila on Hot Grease