National Ice Cream Month continues on this week's Hot Grease! Nicole Taylor shares some food headlines from the past two weeks, including some information about the Farm Bill and New York Magazine's Cheap Eats of 2012. Next, Nicholas Morgenstern and Gerardo Gonzalez of Goat Town talk about the evolution of Alphabet City, the cuisine at Goat Town, and the bounty of their vegetable garden this season. Later, Nicholas goes on to explain his history in the the kitchen, how he got started in pastry, and the intricacies of Philadelphia-style ice cream. Nicole, Nicholas, and Gerardo share some of their cherished ice cream memories, and later talk about their favorite ice cream tomes on this week's Hot Five. This episode has been brought to you by The Heritage Meat Shop.


"[It's important] to go back to the basics and understand what ice cream is chemically, and work from there to create something that's your own or something different."

"I think that American-style ice cream developed much later on. The industrial revolution had started, and there was much more dairy product readily available. Whereas in Europe- when ice cream making became more commonplace- the best dairy product, the cream, would be separated and used for cheesemaking."

-- Nicholas Morgenstern on Hot Grease