Welcome to another episode of Hot Grease! Nicole Taylor once again starts Food Headlines off with Heritage Radio Network’s own Jack Inslee. Tune in to hear opinions about the Chick-Fil-A scandal from a variety of outlets, including Reverend William Owens and Fox News. Later, Nicole chats with Dania Davy of the Land Loss Prevention Project. Dania’s organization works to advocate for black farmers in North Carolina who are losing their land. Hear about the last black dairy farmer in North Carolina, and check out Dania’s film on the topic entitled Our Land, Our Lives. Nicole is joined in studio by Barella Kirkland, the co-founder of Pelzer’s Pretzels. Tune in to hear about the Philadelphia pretzel tradition, the start of the company, as well as the different flavors of Pelzer’s pretzels available at Smorgasburg! This episode has been brought to you by Fairway Market.



“We’re all immigrants, so all of our treats have origins in the places where we come from.” — Barella Kirkland on Hot Grease