We've got another Brooklyn-centric episode of Hot Grease! Jack Inslee joins host Nicole Taylor for this week's Food Headlines. Tune in to hear the scoop on the opening of Barclays Center, the hottest new cuisine in Lima, and fried deviled eggs. Later, Nicole is joined by Caitlin Heikkila of the blog Becoming Brooklyn. Tune in to hear Nicole and Caitlin discuss the similarities between Brooklyn and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Hear why Caitlin covers specific events for Becoming Brooklyn, and why she focuses on her own personal tastes when writing reviews and blog posts. Check out some of Caitlin's favorite foodie spots, and hear about her charity work with The Pink Agenda. Finally, Nicole caps off this week's episode with a Hot Five all about baking with Kathleen King of Tate's. If you're baking for your friends, you don't want to miss it! This episode has been sponsored by Whole Foods.

"I'm not there to be a food critic...I'm very positive and I write about restaurant experiences, local businesses, and events that I think are fun." -- Caitlin Heikkila on Hot Grease

"If I'm on a diet, I'm going to eat an apple. If I'm going to eat cake, I want it to be good cake." -- Kathleen King on Hot Grease