It's holiday cookie time on Hot Grease! Nicole Taylor shares some of her favorite books on The New York Times holiday cookbook list, and then chats with Stephanie Alexander. Stephanie is the pastry chef at Seersucker in Brooklyn, and she's in the studio talking about some of her favorite holiday desserts. Cookies, pies, fruitcakes, and lebkuchen- find out Stephanie's tips for making all of these delicious December treats! Hear Stephanie's ideas on making gourmet desserts at home. Later, Babette Pepaj calls in for a Type and Tell segment! Hear Babette talk about Google Plus as a food networking platform, and learn about her site, This program has been sponsored by White Oak Pastures.


"Use what's in a cake to try to garnish with! Let's say you have a chocolate cake- put some chocolate shavings on the plate. Plating can bring it up a notch." [15:10] -- Stephanie Alexander on Hot Grease