Today on Hot Grease, host Nicole Taylor begins the conversation with Jack Inslee, discussing this week’s Food Headlines that include the infamous baboon lemon and the fraudulent seafood sweeping through menus across the city. Taylor is then joined by cook book author Norrinda Brown Hayat who has recently published The Brown Betty Cookbook with her mother Linda Hinton Brown. Norrinda talks about her family’s incredible cupcake recipes and they discuss the cookbook’s praise from Opera Winfrey to Rachael Ray. Next, Taylor is joined by Sanura Weathers who is the founder of Kwanzaa Culinarians, a group of food bloggers of African descent collaborating together to share recipes and stories celebrating Kwanzaa. The celebration is soon to begin so tune in and hear about all of the incredible recipes to choose from. This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.



“It’s all about how or what you identify yourself with – but the most common message I receive is ‘I don’t celebrate Kwanzaa.’ ” [27:20]

–Sanura Weathers on Hot Grease