Learn about Asian Americans in Southern food culture on this installment of Hot Grease! Nicole Taylor is talking with Nina Fallenbaum, the Food Editor for Hyphen Magazine. Tune in to hear discussions about provocative restauranteur and chef Eddie Huang, and why so many Asian Americans are migrating to New York City. Learn about Nina's exposure to Southern food through her travels to report on the BP oil spill. Hear about the parallels between Asian and Southern cuisine! Learn more about Hyphen's content, and why Nina pushed for an issue about the South! Finally, Nicole and Nina wrap up the show talking about the shifting enrollment in historically black colleges and universities. This program has been brought to you by The Heritage Meat Shop



"There's so much hidden Asian American history in the South... The first Asian Americans were from the South. They were Filipinos who jumped off the Spanish galleons and settled in what is now Louisiana." [10:50]

-- Nina Fallenbaum on Hot Grease