Nicole Taylor is back to report on her experiences at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival! Tune in to hear Nicole talk about the coffee culture in the Australian city, as well as the prevalence of re-purposed shipping containers in Melbourne. Later, Nicole plays an interview with food historian Auntie Carolyn Briggs about Aboriginal cuisine, and the parallels it shares with Southern food ways. Learn about Carolyn's rediscovery of indigenous food, and how it connects her to her roots. Nicole also interviewed chef Sean Brock down under! Listen in to hear Sean talk about West African influence on Charleston food, as well as the rich food culture in South Carolina. Don't miss Nicole's Australian recap; check out this installment of Hot Grease! This program has been brought to you by Fairway Market.



"We're the unseen people- particularity in Victoria- because it was first impacted by colonization." [10:00]

"I found more of that 'bush' way of life, and wondered why it wasn't be honored. Part of connecting with family is having that feast, whether it be rabbit, mutton, or Johnnycakes." [13:00] -- Auntie Carolyn Briggs on Hot Grease

"That's what's so fun about living in Charleston- we have such a unique culture, and I'm still trying to figure it out!" [20:10]

"West Africa- that's the foundation of Southern cuisine. Even the agricultural techniques reflect West African roots." [25:30]

-- Sean Brock on Hot Grease