Slow it down, and tune into this week's episode of Hot Grease! Nicole Taylor starts off the show by talking about some recent articles that feature women in the kitchen. Are women underrepresented in the restaurant world? Later, Nicole talks with Anthony Fassio, Board Chair of Slow Food NYC. Tune in and find out Slow Food's focus in the city, and how they're supporting gardens and restaurants citywide! Joe Dobias of Snail of Approval restaurants Joe Doe and Joe Dough joins in on the conversation and talks about the need for good, healthy, and local food in areas like the South Bronx. Listen in to find out how Joe hopes to influence larger corporations to infuse Slow Food ideas into their business models. Finally, Nicole wraps up the show with a Type and Tell segment with Ramin Ganeshram. Learn about Ramin's involvement with the restoration of an old oyster fishing boat in Long Island! This program has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures, and music has been provided by The California Honeydrops.



"I can work with one animal at a time with one purveyor. I can be a lot 'slower' than many other restaurants." [15:10]

"We have a really individual approach, and I think that's what is catching on more than anything." [20:50]

-- Joe Dobias on Hot Grease