Nicole Taylor digs into vegetables with Deborah Madison on this week's installment of Hot Grease. Deborah recently authored the veggie-focused cookbook Vegetable Literacy, and is here to share some great recipes with Nicole's listeners! Tune in to hear why vegetables are a huge part of every diet, whether or not you are a vegan or vegetarian. Hear about corn's versatility, and how you can incorporate different corn varieties into your kitchen. Later, Nicole and Deborah touch on Southern peas, and how they can add earthy flavors to any meal. Hear about peas' origins in North Africa, and how they are used in many Mediterranean dishes. Peas, peanuts, asparagus, and more- you don't want to miss this week's Hot Grease! Thanks to our sponsor, White Oak Pastures. Music provided by The California Honeydrops



"We all need vegetables- you don't need to call yourself a vegetarian, or a vegan. Vegetables are part of our world." [2:30]

-- Deborah Madison on Hot Grease