Get some Caribbean flavors in your summer cocktails! This week on Hot Grease, Nicole Taylor starts off the show by calling Ulla Kjarval to talk about the recent acquisition of Smithfield Foods. How will the company change now that the owners are based in China? Jackie Summers, better known as Jack From Brooklyn, stops by the studio to talk about the origins of his liqueur, Sorel. Learn about its ingredients, and its history in the Caribbean and beyond. Find out how you can mix Sorel into many a summer drink! Finally, Nicole wraps up the episode with cookbook author, Miriam Rubin. Learn how Miriam implements tomatoes in her book, Tomaotes. Hear what recipes from the book adapt well for a summer picnic! This program has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today's music.



"Like most people of Caribbean heritage, I started to make my own blend in my kitchen. The problem is that hibiscus is so bitter, and people tend to cut it with lots of sugar. It gets really syrupy... I just thought I could do it better." [9:45]

"Red Hook was part of the ocean. It was underwater for at least 12 hours during the storm." [12:00]

-- Jackie Summers on Hot Grease