Pastry chef Malcolm Livingston II has been digging dessert since his childhood in the Bronx. This week on Hot Grease, Nicole Taylor invites Malcolm in the studio to share some of his ice cream memories in honor of National Ice Cream Month. Tune in to hear Malcolm recall stories of chasing down Mr. Softee trucks, and the taste of his father's cookies. Hear about the inspiration for his desserts at wd~50, and what tunes he listens to in the kitchen. Learn about Malcolm's collaborative project in the Bronx called Ghetto Gastro, and what it means to locals. Later, Nicole calls up Darius Wilmore of Taharka Brothers in Baltimore, MD. Hear about the conception of the Bawlmer ice cream company, and how they aim to uplift young black men in the city. Find out why the names of their flavors are often complex, and how their distribution has grown since the late 2000s. This program has been sponsored by White Oak Pastures. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today's music.


"We're in the art field- the culinary arts. That's where I get my inspiration." [14:35]

"Making ice cream at home frustrates me. I don't have the machines that I have at wd 50!" [17:05]

-- Malcolm Livingston II on Hot Grease