This week on Hot Grease, Nicole digs back into hot summer foods with the return of Hot Grease's "Food Headlines". Nicole is joined by Simone Johnson to get the scoop on s'mores variations and the FDA's recent gluten-free discussions. Tune in and hear more farming headlines, and learn about food security in the Caribbean. Later, Nicole chats with Emily Myers of Emily G's Jams. Find out how some Southern traditions like having "bottles on the table" inspired Emily to make hot pepper sauces and preserves! Hear why Emily focuses on quality to avoid the phenomenon of "food disappointment". Finally, learn more about Emily G's jam and cheese pairings, and find out about the new Emily G's Jams coming out in the spring! This program has been brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today's musical selections.



"Back then, our grandparents canned, and that's just the way it was... Having some strawberry jam in the middle of winter was just a joy to have." [15:50]

"Food is something delicious that should make you happy." [18:30]

-- Emily Myers on Hot Grease